New Research in Migraine Prevention
A debilitating migraine headache can ruin your day. Even with current treatments, the migraine needs to start before the medication can be administered. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to prevent the migraine as opposed to just treating it? Investigational therapies are being researched to answer this same question.
Migraine headaches were originally thought to arise from non-specific factors such as stress and anxiety. Recent research shows that migraines may result from exposure to noxious (undesirable) toxins. The toxins are not well defined, but they are most likely biologic in nature such as a virus, bacteria, or chemicals found in certain foods or drugs.
During a migraine attack, certain proteins, called immunoglobulins, are increased and then subside after certain treatments. The resulting inflammatory response causes nerves in the area to become stimulated, which the brain interprets the throbbing pain as a migraine headache. Migraine research is moving towards prevention rather than treatment after the migraine onset. This new study is evaluating an investigational drug to do just that.
Complete the questionnaire or call our office at (425) 453-0404 to speak with one of our clinical staff to learn how this medication may help you. Study participants may receive (at No Cost) study-related:

Medical Evaluation
Investigational Drug
Medical Care

Migraine headaches are characterized by repeated headaches that affect one area of the head. Primarily described as throbbing or pulsing pain, various other symptoms can also be attributed to migraines, such as:

Visual disturbances
Nausea / Vomiting
Sensitivity to light or sound
Tingling in legs or arms
Loss of appetite